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The best selling teleprompter of all time. For as little as $99.95 you can turn your LCD or laptop screen into a full-featured teleprompter. Gone are the days of renting complicated and expensive teleprompter rigs, we make it easy for you to deliver your presentation into a video camcorder. You can look directly into the camera while reading your text from our free teleprompter software. For more information, please see our QuickPrompt page.

Speech Teleprompter

speech teleprompter

The presidential speech teleprompter is portable and allows easy adjusting of the camera, mirror, and screen position for a seated or standing presentation. You can record directly through the mirror or from any other position. Most systems like ours cost in the thousands, but ours is easily affordable and offers more flexibility.

Teleprompter Mirrors

teleprompter mirrors

We can cut any size optical teleprompter glass to replace your broken mirror or for a DIY project. Our mirrors are color neutral, which means the resulting video will be tint-free. The quality is the highest on the market and the same as you would find in a $20,000 professional teleprompter.


Free Teleprompter Software

teleprompter software

We provide the latest and greatest MirrorScript teleprompter software free-of-charge for your convenience. The scrolling is extremely smooth on almost any computer and is available in PC, iPhone, and Mac versions. You can download and try our software before even purchasing any of our teleprompter products. The software can easily flip and scroll the text on your computer or notebook computer.

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We have professional teleprompter experts standing by to assist you with your project. We manufacture all of our products in our factory in Toledo, Ohio and are proud to be the leading experts in the field of teleprompting.

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